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Registration Agencies:

Services for Booksellers and Libraries

The SAN Agency can assign SANs and GLNs to organisations involved in the book trade (including booksellers, wholesalers, distributors, libraries, subscription agents, printers, publishers). Each time we assign a new SAN we will automatically provide the corresponding GLN.

We can assign SANs to organisations based in any country except: US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Click here for information on how to obtain SANs in other territories.

This site is designed to tell you more about the SAN and GLN identification schemes and you will also be able to search our database if you need to find a specific organisation and its SAN/GLN or address details (click here). The address that will be displayed online will be the address the particular SAN/GLN identifies - in some cases this will not necessarily be the delivery address for orders (please check with the organisation directly if in any doubt). 

If your organisation does not currently have a SAN or GLN and needs one you can apply online, click here.