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Unique Identifiers

The SAN Agency has been appointed to issue SANs/GLNs on behalf of Book Industry Communication (BIC).

The Global Location Number is an international cross industry system administered by EAN International and the SAN systems are likely to migrate to GLNs/EANs over the next few years.

Standard Address Number (SANs) and Global Location Numbers (GLNs - also known as EANs) are unique identifiers that can be assigned to the addresses of organisations involved in the book selling or publishing industries. Both schemes are recognised throughout these industries and enable commercial transactions to be made more efficiently and accurately.

For example, SANs are used by publishers and distributors to identify the booksellers and link to their order processing systems.

SANs and GLNs identify specific geographical locations. If your organisation relocates (even if only by a few doors along the same street) a new SAN and GLN will be required to ensure that orders and deliveries are still made correctly.

When you move, there is a difference between the standards applied to the address identifiers. The ISO that governs the use of SANs allows for a change of address. The ISO for GLNs based on SANs does not allow for a change of address.

You can choose to change the address, keeping the SAN and abandoning the GLB which will be removed from the record; or have a new SAN/GLN - which is not charged for.

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